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Transformational Coach, Marketing Strategist, and TEDx Speaker

Meet                    Lexi


Lexi Godlewski first started coaching and consulting entrepreneurs from her college dining hall in 2016.

She's no stranger to transformation...

In 2017, she up and quit her unfulfilling 9-5 to pursue her dream of building her own business full-time. 


Then, in 2021, she bought a one-way ticket to up and move from New York to Hawaii for a new adventure and to experience all that life has to offer!

Now, she loves helping others create their dream lives, successfully build their businesses, and experience the richness of life too!

She's an avid adventurer, traveler, and storyteller with a love for taking a holistic approach to life and business.

You'll typically find her geeking out on all things personal growth, spirituality, marketing, and music.

...Or falling off her surfboard as she tries to catch a wave and 'hang ten' in Hawaii. :)

Lexi Godlewski Headshot
Lexi Godlewski Adventurer
Lexi Godlewski TEDx Speaker
Lexi Godlewski Hawaii
Lexi Godlewski | Soultrepreneur, Transformer, Master Marketer, Podcaster, Speaker

What it means to be a


(n.) an entrepreneur who leads with their soul first, builds a business

that positively impacts the world, and experiences the richness of life.

How to Live Life Fully | Lexi Godlewski | TEDx Endicott College

How to Live Life Fully

We do things differently.
Here's how (& why) it works:

We start with soul before strategy. That mean's we're...


Clarifying + leading with the unique vision, mission, and purpose that's in your heart calling you forward. 


Transforming any limiting beliefs, fears, or self-doubt, getting in the way from you achieving success.


Creating a custom strategy that's simple, authentic, and aligned with your mission, vibe, and goals.

Lexi Godlewski | Soultrepreneur, Transformer, Master Marketer, Podcaster, Speaker

What  soultrepreneurs  are saying:

"I definitely would recommend!!!!"
- Kim M.

A JOURNEY OF                  


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Lexi Godlewski | Soultrepreneur, Transformer, Master Marketer, Podcaster, Speaker, Building My Empire Podcast
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