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An exclusive 1-on-1 program for soulful entrepreneurs with big dreams, but no game plan.

Lexi Godlewski Soultrepreneur

Let’s Create a
Life and Business
You Love, Together!

Soul-First Coaching, Marketing Strategy, and Business Consulting

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Ready to achieve your dreams but stuck
in fear, uncertainty, and procrastination?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. When we fall prey to doubts, comparison,

or lack of the right support it’s easy to give up on the calling in our heart...

Lexi Godlewski Client Testimonial

“I am actually so excited about taking a step — you helped me get through the fear of starting and simplified the first step which helped build momentum overnight. If you have a dream, Lexi should be the first person you call."


- Emily W.

The reality of pursuing your dream is:

  • It's challenging.

  • Lonesome.

  • Scary + uncertain.

  • Most people "fail"

  • Or fail to even try

  • Hard to hold yourself accountable.

  • Rarely goes according to "plan".

  • Not everyone supports your dreams.  

  • Stretches you outside of your comfort zone.

  • Filled with doubts and fears

 But, it doesn't have to be... 

Lexi Godlewski Client Testimonial

"Lexi has truly helped me TOTALLY transform my business where I needed it the most. I have accomplished so SO much more this year because of her guidance and strategies. It's pretty bonkers. Thank you Lexi!!!! I am so grateful for you!"


- Emily O.

  Let's finally achieve your dreams, together.  

Soultrepreneur Coaching with Lexi helps you jumpstart your journey, transform your mindset, breakthrough your fears, create an authentic strategy, live life to the fullest, and so much more.

Lexi Godlewski Hawaii


(n.) an entrepreneur who leads with their soul first, builds a business that positively impacts the world, and experiences the richness of life.

What it means to be a

We do things differently.
Here's how (& why) it works:

We start with soul before strategy. That mean's we're...


Clarifying + leading with the unique vision, mission, and purpose that's in your heart calling you forward. 


Transforming any limiting beliefs, fears, or self-doubt, getting in the way from you achieving success.


Creating a custom strategy that's simple, authentic, and aligned with your mission, vibe, and goals.

Lexi Godlewski Client Testimonial

"That strategy is so smart, I haven't thought about that. But it makes the process so much simpler so I can actually work smarter instead of harder. This is why I pay you."


- Coach Ang.

  The results speak for themselves!  

Thanks to our transformational time together, Soultrepreneurs have...

  • Grew to a 6-figure+ business.

  • Achieved their big dreams.

  • Overcome major fears.

  • Upgraded their mindset.

  • Began traveling the world.

  • Sold out 500+ person events.

  • Gone from 0 to a full client base.

  • Gained a new level of confidence.

  • Grew (4x+) their social media audiences.

  • Made major life changes (moves, divorces, etc).

Lexi Godlewski Client Testimonial
Lexi Godlewski Client Testimonial
Lexi Godlewski Client Testimonial
Lexi Godlewski Client Testimonial
Lexi Godlewski Client Testimonial
Lexi Godlewski Client Testimonial
Lexi Godlewski Client Testimonial
Lexi Godlewski Client Testimonial
Lexi Godlewski Client Testimonial
Lexi Godlewski Client Testimonial

Transformational Coach, Marketing Strategist, and TEDx Speaker

Meet                    Lexi


Lexi Godlewski first started coaching and consulting entrepreneurs from her college dining hall in 2016.

She's no stranger to transformation...

In 2017, she up and quit her unfulfilling 9-5 to pursue her dream of building her own business full-time. 


Then, in 2021, she bought a one-way ticket to up and move from New York to Hawaii for a new adventure and to experience all that life has to offer!

Now, she loves helping others create their dream lives, successfully build their businesses, and experience the richness of life too!

She's an avid adventurer, traveler, and storyteller with a love for taking a holistic approach to life and business.

You'll typically find her geeking out on all things personal growth, spirituality, marketing, and music.

...Or falling off her surfboard as she tries to catch a wave and 'hang ten' in Hawaii. :)

Lexi Godlewski Headshot
Lexi Godlewski Adventure
Lexi Godlewski TEDx Speaker
Lexi Godlewski Hawaii

Ready to jumpstart your journey?

Let's create a strategy that's aligned with you, your dreams, and your mission.

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